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Luxe Nursing & Travel Wrap - Bamboo, Cashmere & Wool blend - by Bamboo Body

Cygnet Royale

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Like a warm hug from your mum. Feel the pure luxury of this Bamboo, Cashmere and Wool Travel Wrap.  The Wrap can be worn as a scarf, shawl, snood or blanket and can be tied and wrapped in many different ways to provide comfort and privacy when feeding your baby. Adding a touch of elegance to any outfit, this wrap is the perfect travel accessory for long haul flights, twilight outings or life as a new parent. New Mama's will revel in the bliss of wrapping themselves up with their tiny human in this large cosy wrap. It also provides excellent privacy while nursing a baby.

Size: 200cm x 95cm

Fabric:  95% bamboo, 3% cashmere, 2% wool

Care Instructions: These knits are beautiful, soft and delicate.  Please take extra care:
*  Hand wash in cool water
*  Use delicate detergent
*  Lie flat to dry
*  Do not wring, twist or rub

Avoid contact with jewellery and rough or abrasive surfaces