Support for Charities

Pay it forward Cygnet Royale Donation 2019 Charity

Cygnet Royale's team believe in "paying it forward". We contributes to several non-for profit charities that provide funding and support for medical research and social justice in our global community.

Our team believes that funding and supporting ground breaking new medical research in Australia and the world will help create health and wellness for future generations to come. As such, the team at Cygnet Royale have chosen to support a variety of charities each year that contribute to significantly improving the health of humanity across the globe. The following charities listed below have received our support thus far and we look forward to adding to this list every year:

Cygnet Royale Supporting Charities 2019 Kiva microloans

1. KIVA Microloans - two loans have been created thus far to support women in lower socio-economic climates to build businesses or skills to support their families, and help their children thrive. For more info see 

Cygnet Royale Supporting Charities 2019 Good360 Donations

2. GOOD360, a hub for not-for-profit charities in the USA, were able to link us with TMAC & Family, a mother and daughter team that works to support and keep families together. We were over-joyed to be able to donate $1000 worth of our Nursing Slips product to assist this Charity in Jan 2019. For more info see