Get to know Cygnet Royale

Breastfeeding is a beautiful and precious part of becoming a mother, providing the blessing of nutrition and comfort to your new babe. But it’s not always an easy walk in the park for new mums, myself included. I almost gave up in the first two weeks! I’m so glad the tribe of women I had in my support crew were there with their honest advise and consistent encouragement to help me through the challenges and get me to the upside, where it became enjoyable, convenient and such a blessing for my babies health.

After nursing 3 babes, I came to realise that breasts can have a mind of their own at times, often leaking and letting down at the most socially awkward moments, and doing as they desire despite whatever wilful control i tried to have over them. Like many new mum’s, I reached for the best solution available on hand at my local supermarket, the rough plastic backed disposable pads in boxes by the hundreds thinking that this would surely put a stop to this incessant public leaking problem. A few weeks of using these, and I was scouring the internet for better options to my ongoing leaky boobs social dilemma. I needed better comfort and pads that wouldn’t bunch up and stick painfully to my delicate nipples! Ouch!

A friend suggested the eco-friendly washable pads from the local health shop, and Hallelujah! These soft delightfully comfortable pads were so much better, but again, they often soaked through after a big let down, especially in bed on those rare nights when bub would sleep through for 6 hrs. Added to which, you could see them quite obviously through my clothing and I felt like i had huge round headlights beaming out to the world when I wore them in public.

My blessing came a few years later when I found a way to give something back to other new Mum’s. In 2016 I started to design and create what I now consider the ultimate nursing pads for new Mums. The Cygnet Royale Nursing Slips are designed to fit perfectly against the natural curves of the breast making them invisible and figure hugging ultra-comfortable. Importantly, they are reusable, slim, light-weight and leak-proof. Thus, very good for both the planet and making public appearances with your new born. Importantly to me, I wanted to incorporate beautiful elegant real lace covers, to make any new mum feel like they had something special to wear everyday even when their maternity clothing might be making them feel a bit drab.

Cygnet Royale burst to life in 2017 and has been thriving ever since as our Nursing Slips are sent all over the world to help new Mum’s with their confidence and comfort during their breastfeeding journey. Our focus remains on providing superior quality and luxurious experiences and we have thoughtfully incorporated this philosophy into Cygnet Royale's range of Mother & Child products, honouring the beauty of motherhood and the joy and purity of childhood in our innovative designs and choice of organic raw materials where functionally possible.

My focus has always been on providing consumers with knowledge about their health and products that support wellbeing. We offer a select unique range of superior quality eco-luxury home, lifestyle and personal care products. My passion for making an impact on the future of our global health, first as a medical researcher and now as an online eco-retailer, means that Cygnet Royale's business philosophy strongly incorporates the "Go Giver" principles of donating a percentage of annual profits to various global not-for-profit charities that support women’s economic opportunities and help to improve their health and wellbeing. I believe that when women support women, exceptional things happen for the good of all.

Thanks for supporting Cygnet Royale. I truely hope you adore having our products in your home and alongside you on your journey as a new Mum or woman of the world and that they help you to live a happier & healthier life.
Kind regards,
Linda @ Cygnet Royale.