Cygnet Royale's - Reusable Nursing Slips (breast pads) make breastfeeding a pure delight!

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Reusable Nursing Pads Slips Washable Cotton Breastfeeding Pads for Nursing mother baby shower gift by Cygnet Royale

we AIM to delight and honour our tribe of new mamas

I have been using these slips for the past few weeks and I really like them! 

I love that they fit into your bra cup perfectly, giving you a nice lift and shape. Some other reuseables that are round shaped are a bit stiff so they aren’t as comfortable to wear as they awkwardly stick out from underneath. These are the perfect shape and because they fill out the entire bra cup, they catch all leakages, even when I am laying on my side, which I love.

They come packaged in a gift box, making it the perfect gift for a new mum.


I was lucky enough to try this lovely product out over the last few months and after using other products with my older children it was so good to find a breast pad that didn't leak (even overnight) or roll and was very comfortable. I cannot recommend Cygnet Royale nursing slips highly enough. They are amazing!

A Withers

Luxury in reusable form. Presentation was amazing - product feels luxe & while I haven’t had my baby (my third) yet, I have tried the slips out and they curve perfectly against my skin so they are more discreet and they don’t feel lumpy like some other products do. I have tried a few different brands and these ones stand out for the luxurious feel and look :)

L Littlewood

Being a new brand I wasn't sure what to expect, but can I say I've been so happy with this purchase. They are soft, slim and you can't see them under my shirt like so many other pads i've tried. They don't leak and are easy to wash and dry whilst still looking beautiful. I love how the flexible padding adjusts to my changing size through the day and night. 

T Brando
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